About MJ



     My name is MarJean Christiansen, I was born second to the oldest of 10 children to Danish born father, Neils Peter Christiansen, and Minnesota born mother, Kathryn Louise Kimlicka on November 13, 1949. My name is unique as it is the only MarJean that I have seen that has a capital letter in the middle of the name, for a reason. My mother was a Navy Wave prior to my birth and had a very dear friend named Marjean, but as my mother would tell it, “She was such a sweet girl, I had to name my daughter after her”. But, she placed the capital J in the middle because she did not want me to have a nickname, like Maggie, or Margie or what ever, although I never actually had a nickname, no one ever got my name right. My son was born in 1979, and the hospital records file stated, “Mrs. Jean Johnson”, they missed the Mar all together. So I was often called, Mary Jean, Mary Jane, Margie, but never MarJean, so in 2003 I changed my name to MJ, now everyone tries to guess what the MJ means.spell name
The reason I decided to start a blog was because I always dreamed of being a writer, but I never could figure out how to put a book together. I have had several ideas lately, as I get older, and decided what better way to share those ideas with others is but through a blog. Maybe someone will like what I write and I could get published? Maybe? So here I am writing, blogging and sharing my life and some ideas I have with strangers with the hope I will create some wonderful friendships while providing valueable content.

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