Meaning of Beauty

Beauty inside and out

     Kimberly Sanderson of Acworth Beach, GA states, “Makeup is a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful”.  I do not agree with Kimberly, makeup can hide the bad, enhance the good, but there is no such thing as an ugly person.  God created man, and He said “This is Good!”  He doesn’t make mistakes.  We were created in His image, there is beauty in everyone.  It is up to the beholder to find the beauty that often will shine from within, but it often is not apparent.

     A size 18 woman thought she wasn’t beautiful enough for her husband so she contacted a professional photographer for a photo shoot for the purpose of spicing up their love life.  After the photographer photo shopped out all of the stretch marks, (from the birth of her children), her wrinkles, (from aging), and other defects she presented the photos to her husband.  To her amazement her husband’s reaction was not what she expected.  He was extremely upset and deeply hurt realizing he had not commented often enough to his wife of her beauty to the point that she felt the need to erase the age from her body that made her beauty so special to him, the age of history, their history, the story of her beauty tells of their life together.

     What about you?  Do you think you are beautiful?  Do you feel beautiful?  Are you content with your beauty?  When was the last time someone told you that you are beautiful?  When was the last time you told someone they are beautiful?  Think about it.  I think you are beautiful.

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8 thoughts on “Meaning of Beauty

  1. We as a society have a warped sense of what beauty is. Personally I find that those who have more substance to be the most beautiful. Looks come and go… Thanks for the post.


    • Thank you for you kind comments, we all need to be able to be confident in who we are. Sometimes that is hard to do with all the media shooting at us and outside comments coming at us, we as women need to know that we are strong, we are woman and to be empowered to ward off the negativity and stay strong in our beauty.

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  2. That’s very nice story. I am photographer and I use Photoshop, but I do not change appearance of a women in the photo. Everyone has unique beauty and we need to let the world know about that. Its good to remind women, your friend or wife that she is beautiful.


  3. How sad that lady felt she had to change her image. There is so much pressure out there to be ‘perfect’ and it saddens me when I see young girls and young boys suffering to conform to this.
    I feel beautiful inside and out and remind myself that each wrinkle is a memory and laughter, each grey hair is a ‘natural highlight’ and I wouldn’t change me for anything.


  4. I’ve heard that story about the husband and wife, and his reaction to the photoshopped images.

    Many people do not believe they are beautiful because they do not meet the idealised standard perpetuated by certain industries. I actually wrote a blog about this recently.

    Beauty is more than looks, I’ve learned to realise. It’s about all your qualities.

    A good looking or attractive woman can be ugly if she is not a nice person, is arrogant and mean to others.

    I know I’m beautiful, because I know it and my husband tells me all the time.


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